Fundación Euroamerica

La Fundación Euroamérica es una organización para fomentar las relaciones entre Europa y América

Carsten Moser

Dr. Carsten  MOSER

Vicepresident of Fundación Euroamérica


Born in Lüneburg, Germany, he spent the first years of his life in Madrid, Lima and Toronto, after which he studied economics in Hamburg. After his doctorate on “The importance of tourism for the economic development of Spain”, he was correspondent for the weekly magazine “Die Zeit” in Spain and Portugal (1973-1978). For seven and a half years he worked in the magazine “Stern”, as deputy head of the international section, managing editor and finally correspondent of the magazine in London. Former managing director of G + J España Ediciones (1985-2006) and secretary general of the Bertelsmann Foundation (2007-2012), he was also president of the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain (2010-2012). He is currently on the board of several associations and foundations.