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Pedro Miguel da Costa e Silva


Ambassador of Brazil to the European Union


Ambassador Pedro Miguel da Costa e Silva has been head of the Brazilian Mission to the European Union since August 2002.  Previously, he was Secretary for the Americas at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry (2019-2022), in which capacity he was also National Coordinator for MERCOSUR and Coordinator of the National Commission of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization. He was also a member of the Council of the ITAIPU Binational Hydroelectric Dam (2019-2021).

A career diplomat since 1991, Ambassador da Costa e Silva has occupied a number of other positions in Brasília, including Director of the Economic Department and advisor to the President of Brazil. He has served at Brazilian diplomatic missions in Ottawa, Madrid, La Paz, Santiago, and Geneva.

Ambassador da Costa e Silva has been a lecturer and examiner at the Brazilian Diplomatic Academy on numerous occasions throughout his career. He majored in History at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.